war [ wɔr ] noun ***
▸ 1 when countries fight
▸ 2 effort to stop something
▸ 3 when people compete
▸ 4 when people fight/argue
▸ 5 World War II
1. ) uncount fighting between two or more countries, that involves the use of the military and usually continues for a long time:
The negotiations failed, and war now seemed inevitable.
the ever-present threat of nuclear war
be at war (with): They had been at war for five years, and there was still no sign of victory.
go to war: Let's hope they can find a solution without going to war.
war breaks out: I volunteered for the Navy when war broke out.
declare war (on) (=formally announce the start of a war): When Poland was invaded, the Allies had no choice but to declare war.
a ) uncount fighting between opposing groups within one country: CIVIL WAR:
Sierra Leone had endured ten years of war.
b ) count a particular period of fighting between countries or groups of people:
the Revolutionary War
war between: the wars between England and Scotland in the 14th century
war against/with: The King led England into another war against France.
2. ) count or uncount a determined and organized effort to control or stop something, for example a disease or crime:
war against: This is a major victory in the war against drugs.
wage/declare war on something: We will continue to wage war on organized crime.
3. ) count a situation in which countries, organizations, or businesses compete with each other to gain economic power or control:
This could easily start a trade war.
war for: the war for supremacy in the fast-food industry
4. ) count or uncount OFTEN HUMOROUS a situation in which two people or groups of people fight, argue, or are extremely unpleasant to each other:
He was angry, but reluctant to declare war on his old friends.
You know this means war!
between the wars MAINLY BRITISH
during the period of time between World War I and World War II
a war of words
a situation in which two people or groups continuously criticize each other in public because they disagree seriously about something

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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